Fly Model Nr.117 Short Sunderland Mk.II

Model Specifications:

This is the most complex model I have ever built. Assembly took more then five monthes and I have had no major problems with it. Fit is excellent and some misaligement was caused by a few mistakes. Assembly begins with the fuselage. It is a flying boat and fuselage constructed like a model ship with keel, frames and decks. The main difficulty is to avoid twisting and bending the assembled frame (mine is twisted a little but I have corrected this when fitting the skin to the fuselage, be aware it isn't easy). After completing the skeleton it's a good idea to apply the interior colors, as they are visible through the portholes.

Next was cocpit (don`t believe the instructions, glueing the panels on is quite tricky!). Turret glazing vacuformed from clear plastic (on photo: paper form, plaster mold, assembled turret).

Fitting the skin panels comes next. Some panels were corrected in PhotoShop and re-printed to achieve the best fit.

The wings have a complex structure with moveable ailerons. Flaps can be moved down and backwards. Don`t forget to attach the joints in the wing panels before attaching the panels to the wing structure. A very serious problem appears when attaching wings to the spars inserted into fuselage. The slots in the wings have exactly the same size as the spars and when you apply glue to the spars, they won`t slip into the slots at all! I reccomend to increase the size of these slots both in height and thickness (apply one more layer of cardstock) and carefully dry fit wings before trying to glue them.

The pontoons are constructed like a little fuselages, with frames and panels. They are attached on the wing with wires, that should be straight to make the pontoons stable.

The exhaust pipes have zillions (may be less, above 50 per pipe) trianglular vents which have a tendency to disappear forever on the table. Happily you are given extra card stock to make more.

In the tail area both rudder and elevators are moveable.

Main and tail wheels are detachable.

Size is matter!

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