Kampfflieger Morko Morane

This model has been given by Roman Vasiliev (Kampfflieger), one of the few Ukrainian designers. Primordial it was in the 48 scale, for resizing to the 33 scale I've set the bigger resolution during importing to the Photoshop file. The model has enough for 48 scale number of details, it has cockpit interior and wheel wells. The accuracy of unfold patterns is perfect (digital design); construction is traditional, fuselage sections have been glued together former to former. But it has few flies in the ointment. At first the instrument panel turned out to be unsuitable, it was larger than cockpit and it has absolutely another form. I had to stick it to cartoon and cut like a nearest fuselage former. Every segment of fuselage has two formers, but between 5-th and 6-th segments there is only one, and I wonder in which segment it has to been set up and how the last segment has to been stuck to the plain face. This is no a mistake, because in the assembly instruction there is only one fuselage former. I had printed second copy of it. It is very important, that wing has been made before fuselage installing, it is impossible later because of it form. The next embarrassment is in absence of connection stripes. It is not very difficult to make it, but it is inaccurate. There is only bottom in wheel wells without walls, but it is absent on the assembly instruction, and place of its installation is unknown. Its dimensions like between ribs. Also it has beet glued under cartoon. The last embarrassment shows up during installation of the glaze. At first, sash is very slim and it is quiet difficult to cut it even in the 33-scale. I do not know is it possible in the 48-scale. At second, canopy is installed into cockpit without overlapping, edge to edge. It has to been installed with Superglue and it is very difficult to make it without slits.

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